Colette Jansen Estermann Ph.D.

Federally recognized psychotherapist

My conviction

A human being is vulnerable and at the same time incredibly strong

Colette Jansen Estermann Ph.D.

Many years of experience in the following areas:

  • Anxiety, depression, compulsions, addictions, personality disorders
  • Traumatic experiences (domestic violence, sexual assault, accident, war)
  • Relationship problems (partner, parents – children, etc.)
  • Migration, life crisis or identity crisis, self esteem
  • Burnout, mobbing, loss of job
  • Ongoing formation, teaching therapy, supervision, group work

My practice:

It’s located 10 minutes’ walk from Berne main station.

Kapellenstrasse 24, 3011 Bern
Tram 3/6/7/8, Bus 17 (Station Kocherpark) or tram 9, bus 10/19 (Station Monbijou)